About Us

Striving towards a better India

Striving towards a better India

We share a grand vision of a better and empowered India where every citizen exercises their equal rights of living a prosperous, happy, healthy, secured and successful life. An India where every citizen has access to proper healthcare and quality education including vocational skills irrespective of cast creed gender and social status

Our Mission 

Our mission is to reach out to the under privileged community and help them have access to quality education, healthcare and accelerate the pace of their development.


Sackhumvit Trust, Chamundinagar Bengaluru is a selective tutorial centre with a multicultural socially diverse and geographically concentrated student population in and around RT nagar, Bengaluru. The centre provides equal opportunity to boys and girls from grade 6 to Pre University to achieve excellence in academic, lifeskills and various other ex...

Heart touched

Educational awareness needs to be spread through the country to make education accessible. Education enhances the self-confidence of a person and also helps in making a person independent. When one is educated enough, they won’t have to depend on anyone else for their livelihood. It gives you career opportunities that can increase your quality of life.