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Our Mission

Sackhumvit Trust, founded in 1991, is a progressive organization dedicated to alleviating poverty in India irrespective of caste, community, or creed. We are a funding organization that supports non-profits in providing high quality healthcare and education to underprivileged communities. Our partner organizations operate on a grassroots level and cost-effective budget with an emphasis on sustainable social change. Beyond the role of a sponsor, Sackhumvit Trust actively contributes to project strategy, implementation, and evaluation.

Dream School Foundation

DSF is a non-profit organization based in Bangalore, India, that works toward making the right to quality education, overall development, and a happy childhood a reality for all children. The underlying belief of DSF is that education is the only sustainable instrument that can create a democratic, socialistic, and egalitarian world. DSF's strategy...

SAPTHAK Bangalore

Sapthak is a registered trust promoting creative and performing arts among children in rural and urban rural areas in the state of Karnataka. Sackhumvit Trust partners with Sapthak: To provide a platform for budding and upcoming artistes To encourage the needy, but talented students of classical music by awarding scholarships  To identify prospecti...

Kalanga Bazar Eduction Trust (KBET)

KBET was founded in Calcutta in 1995 with the goal to break the self - perpetuating cycle of poverty in urban slums by empowering women, children and weaker communities through education, health and economic independence. KBET's target group is based in Ranchi city, a vast area comprising of poor community members from all castes including minority...

UDYAM Oddisha

UDYAM is a public charitable Trust registered under Income Tax Act 1961. A not for profit initiative rendering grass root services in the field of health, education and economic development to underprivileged communities in around small villages in Odisha. In the year 2013-2014 Sackhumvit Trust continued to finance Udyam’s two night schoolsin Kalik...