Sackhumvit Trust is a registered charitable NGO supporting quality education and health care to the under-privileged children in India. We provide a platform for other NGO's to partner with us and work together to address and implement common goals.Founded in the year 1989 by Mr. Khalid Hashim, his vision was simple. To make a difference in education by making a difference with individual students so that they become self-reliant and aware. Since its inception Sackhumvit Trust  has impacted lives of hundreds of  children spread across 5 different states in India.


  •  Every child has the opportunity to avail high quality primary and secondary education.
  •  Every child achieves literacy and numeracy levels that enable  their success.
  •  Every young person has the skills and qualifications to contribute to their and India’s future.
  •  Partnering NGO's are capable, efficient and responsive to achieve education priorities

Success in education is fundamental to the well-being of all people, to all communities and to our nation. A high performing education system at all levels is essential if we are to ensure that India's young people have the skills they need to be successful.

Sackhumvit Trust is passionate about education and ambitious for every learner to enjoy success.Strong foundations built through ongoing participation in high quality early childhood education, supported by mastery of literacy and numeracy in middle school years  are essential for future success. Smooth transitions to secondary schooling and engaging young people through multiple learning pathways that result in qualifications needed to grow thereby to help the individual and the economy as a whole, is our goal. We want more people to achieve required qualifications thereby changing their future for the better. It is our combined responsibility to make this happen.


  •  Exploring different ways of learning;
  •  Thinking, questioning and reflecting;
  •  Believing they can learn;
  •  Setting higher standards;
  •  Working well in groups;
  •  Being good problem solvers

Our Mission

Sackhumvit Trust, founded in 1991, is a progressive organization dedicated to alleviating poverty in India irrespective of caste, community, or creed. We are a funding organization that supports non-profits in providing high quality healthcare and education to underprivileged communities. Our partner organizations operate on a grassroots level and cost-effective budget with an emphasis on sustainable social change. Beyond the role of a sponsor, Sackhumvit Trust actively contributes to project strategy, implementation, and evaluation.

Contact Info

Sackhumvit House, #202, 2nd Floor,
New BEL Road,
Bangalore -560054

Tel : 080 41236523

Email : info@sackhumvit.org