• Sackhumvit Trust and CCDD have collaborated with the MYRADA - ISRO* VSAT Program to establish "Learn with Fun - Mathematics" (LWFM), through which underprivileged students from 1st to 5th standard in 14 villages across rural Karnataka learn mathematics through satellite technology. LWFM is one of many satellite programs offered by the MYRADA - ISRO VSAT Program. Sackhumvit Trust and CCDD are currently working to develop a workbook series to complement the online tutorial program.
  • LWFM supports rural teachers at government schools by covering the same mathematics concepts, the only difference being that students are taught these concepts until fully understood, where as government schools must keep pace with the state curriculum. In addition to mathematics, the program teaches health and hygiene, basic English, and brain exercises (e.g. memory power, observation and listening skills, etc.), thus supporting parents who may not be able to guide their children on these matters at home.
  • LWFM maintains a weekly record of lesson plans detailing mathematics concepts covered, materials used, homework lessons assigned, and remarks on student participation. These reports provide valuable guidance to organizations, teachers, and/or parents interested in replicating our approach to mathematics studies. LWFM also documents class attendance on a monthly basis. Please download our lesson reports and attendance charts for the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 academic years.
Recent Updates
  • May 2010: Sackhumvit Trust and CCDD are pleased to share a letter of appreciation submitted by MYRADA concerning LWFM.
  • December 2008: LWFM was recently featured in The Week magazine.
  • October 2008: LWFM was recently awarded the Manthan Award 2008 (South Asia) for the program's accomplishments in E-Education. For more information, please download the Manthan Award South Asia 2008 booklet.
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