Center For Child Development And Disabilities

CCDD (official website, located in Bangalore, India, provides diagnostic and therapeutic services for children with a wide range of development problems in areas of physical, mental, language, and learning from birth to adolescence. The centre brings together well known specialists in the field of Pediatrics specializing in Orthopedics, Neurology, Psychiatry, Developmental Medicine, and various rehabilitation modalities. CCDD appreciates that treatment of children with special needs should be holistic. The centre is dedicated to help every child achieve his or her maximum physical, intellectual, and emotional potential.

Children are referred to CCDD by private practitioners and schools. CCDD's Developmental Clinic provides multidisciplinary diagnosis for developmentally delayed and disabled infants and preschool children; language and hearing impaired children; poor scholastic performers with learning disabilities; and children with mental retardation and neuromuscular disorders. In 2008, CCDD treated an average of 40 infants and 45 primary school students per month through its Developmental Clinic and Universal Hearing Screening Program. CCDD also manages an adolescent counseling program, Open Doors, to guide youth on coping with pressures of day-to-day life. CCDD offers services such as crisis intervention, stress and anger management, and counseling for depression, fears and phobias, drug and alcohol use, and nutrition habits. In 2008, Open Doors served a total of 200 adolescents.For more information, please visit

Sackhumvit Trust has been a partner organization of CCDD since its initiation in 2006 by financing CCDD's medical equipment, premises, and administrative and program costs. Sackhumvit Trust continues to sponsor CCDD's trainings and workshops, community programs (Learn with Fun - Mathematics), publications, capital expenditures, and human resource expenses.