Ashraya Seva Trust

Ashraya Seva Trust

Care of the sick and destitute is a complex process. The risks from disability, chronic illness and destitution are a process exacerbated by poverty and other forms of structural inequalities. Ashraya Trust's objective is  to provide shelter and long-term care for the sick and genuinely destitute. There are a total of 60 residents (women only) and the Trust provides empowerment to the sick and the impoverished. It is a small initiative to improve the condition of the sick and the destitute Health is a major concern for the elderly. The problem of depression is one major concern. Sackhumvit Trust supports Ashraya Trust by taking care of the  residents medicine requirement on a monthly basis.  

Ashraya Seva Trust runs a home for elderly women and is a registered charitable Trust established in the year 2005 by Mrs. RT Rani, Founder Chairman of the Trust.  The Trust   is registered with the Government of Karnataka- Reg.No.16/05-06 in the year 2005 and is located in Rajajinagar, Bengaluru.   Clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of Karnataka, has also been obtained under the FCRA 1976 Regn. No. 094421438.  Donations to "Ashraya" are also exempt U/S 805 G. Regn.No. DIT (E)/BLAR/12A/A-1125/ AACTA0811B/ITO9E0-1/VOL2008-2009.

The primary aim of this small centre which houses about 60 residents all women, is to provide food, shelter, nursing and daily care to the elderly who are destitute. This includes women with physical ailments like those who have had a stroke and are paralyzed on one side or have progressive degenerative disorders like muscular dystrophy, motor neuron disease, etc. The Home also looks after people with psychiatric problems like schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, etc. and age related problems like parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. Sackhumvit Trust partnering with Ashraya Trust provides medicines to all the  residents at  the centre. A doctor on call prescribes the necessary medication, which is procured and handed over to the centre.  A total amount of Rs 15, 000 per month is allocated for medical care at the centre. Monthly support  was initiated from September 15th 2015.

Our Mission

Sackhumvit Trust, founded in 1991, is a progressive organization dedicated to alleviating poverty in India irrespective of caste, community, or creed. We are a funding organization that supports non-profits in providing high quality healthcare and education to underprivileged communities. Our partner organizations operate on a grassroots level and cost-effective budget with an emphasis on sustainable social change. Beyond the role of a sponsor, Sackhumvit Trust actively contributes to project strategy, implementation, and evaluation.

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