SAPTHAK Bangalore

SAPTHAK Bangalore

Sapthak is a registered trust promoting creative and performing arts among children in rural and urban rural areas in the state of Karnataka.

Sackhumvit Trust partners with Sapthak:

  • To provide a platform for budding and upcoming artistes
  • To encourage the needy, but talented students of classical music by awarding scholarships
  •  To identify prospective students from rural Karnataka and encourage music as a vocation.

SACKHUMVIT TRUST financed this scholarship to 14 students from underprivileged section mostly from rural interior Karnataka. During the year 2013-2014 a sum totaling to Rs 80,000.00 (Rupees eighty thousand only) was the sponsorship amount disbursed.

Scholarship Awardees
During this financial year 2013-2014 over 25 programs were conducted averaging to two programs a month. The year saw the participation of many illustrious artistes and dignitaries encouraging the students and their participation. It was indeed an exciting platform for the awardees to share the stage with renowned artistes. An important point to be noted is that the entry to the entire program was free of cost.

Our Mission

Sackhumvit Trust, founded in 1991, is a progressive organization dedicated to alleviating poverty in India irrespective of caste, community, or creed. We are a funding organization that supports non-profits in providing high quality healthcare and education to underprivileged communities. Our partner organizations operate on a grassroots level and cost-effective budget with an emphasis on sustainable social change. Beyond the role of a sponsor, Sackhumvit Trust actively contributes to project strategy, implementation, and evaluation.

Contact Info

Sackhumvit House, #202, 2nd Floor,
New BEL Road,
Bangalore -560054

Tel : 080 41236523

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