About Us

Striving towards a better India

Striving towards a better India

We share a grand vision of a better and empowered India where every citizen exercises their equal rights of living a prosperous, happy, healthy, secured and successful life. An India where every citizen has access to proper healthcare and quality education including vocational skills irrespective of cast creed gender and social status

Our Mission 

Our mission is to reach out to the under privileged community and help them have access to quality education, healthcare and accelerate the pace of their development.


A Short film with a message of Hope and Empathy. Umbrella is first film from directing duo Helena Hilario and Mario Pece. The short story tells the story of Joseph, a boy who lives in an orphanage and dreams of owning a yellow umbrella — until he meets a little girl who awakens his memories of the past. “The film makes us reflect on the importance of observing, listening, and understanding that we cannot judge people without knowing what is behind their experience,” says Hilario. “Everyone goes through situations that we can’t even imagine, so we must be kind to each other. That’s why we thought of focusing this narrative around empathy and hope, which we need more and more. We always wanted to make a film without dialogue and use animation, music, and the narrative itself to evoke deep emotions and reflections.”