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5 things I love about Sackhumvit Discussion and posters

Oh what fun! We are on cloud 9 at Sackhumvit to read the posters made by class 7 and the discussion that followed. Unanimous chorus, spontaneous replies, excited faces and appreciation galore took us on top of the world. Below is the grand display of their love and affection through colorful images, all now on display at our Centre. A happy year ending at Sackhumvit. We love you students! And thanks for the amazing reciprocation. Here are some of the replies. Armaan Said- He loves the teachers, experiments, the cleanliness, and the method of teaching and the positive environment. Zaina Said – She feels like the teachers here are like her mother and they are very approachable , she loves the videos that help her understand the concept better. She never missed a single day because everyday here is very exciting.