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A heavy price for textbooks and uniforms

A July 2022 article from the Times of India points out the stark rise in prices of the textbooks, uniforms and school related purchases. A parent, Rajesh J was in shock when he saw the textbook and stationary bill for his daughter. “The school was charging over Rs 4,000 for just 20 notebooks and an additional Rs 3,000 for textbooks. Along with the textbook fee we also have to pay for uniforms, school bus service, tuition fee, and stationery.” Some schools have made it compulsory for the students to buy notebooks and uniforms from school only. This has made matters worse. Shiva raja Gowda complained that we have no other choice than to put up with the unfair fees of private institutions. “I am told that it is my choice to put my children in these urban rural institutions and hence we have to bear the brunt. Even if these are profit-making private schools, there should be some kind of regulation.” The parents said that the rules are unfair, especially when a lot of them are struggling with salary cuts and job losses. But are forced to buy these essentials as it is the question of their child’s education. At Sackhumvit our students scholarship covers uniforms, books and a part of the tuition fees payable directly to the educational institution. This ensures the child stays at school. The month of July saw scholarship distribution which should address the above issue.