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A star is born…Gulnaz Parveen

Three years ago we had a student enter our tutorial program and she would not speak. When asked a question, she would simply look blank. She loved being in the class, but she would not participate. We wondered why she would choose to join an activity while refusing to actually do the activity. Over time with encouragement a wonderful young girl finally emerged overcoming her anxieties. She warmed up to us and began to interact more and more. And as she learnt new skills , we watched her transform into not only a self-confident young lady but also an accomplished speaker. She participated in our annual cultural festival and made a positive difference in her life. Meet Gulnaz Parveen, government school student , no father, only an older brother who supports the family. We chatted with her and asked her what her favorite things were. She said her brother is the best and she loves coming to the Centre. We are elated. At Sackhumvit supporting whole- child education means nurturing and measuring success
beyond math and science and engaging students to live a purposeful life. Our approach suggests that students learn best with real work that resembles what they are likely encounter outside of school. Gulnaz is our star!