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Active Learning at Sackhumvit Easing Testing Tensions Exam strategies

The final exams are just round the corner and the Centre is buzzing with mock tests to identify weaknesses and correct them and get into some active learning! A good evaluation technique gives all students an equal opportunity to fully demonstrate their understanding of subjects. At the Centre, this retrieval practice can be as simple as asking students to write down two to four facts from the prior day or giving them a brief quiz on a previous class lesson. Active, not passive learning is the most fundamental principle of efficient studying. Learning requires making decisions about the studied material. For example the students is told Is this important? How is this part organized? Where does this fit into the big picture? What is the definition of this term? When have you learnt this concept before? The examinations make us more confident about the knowledge and potential that we possess. The better we do today is the best we get tomorrow. Our students tell us they are keen to take the exams. Most of the preparations are in place. Good luck dear students. Let’s celebrate on result day