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Back on track....the race begins

An entire generation has seen its education interrupted.At the height of nation-wide lockdowns in April, approximately 91 per cent of the world's students in more than 194 countries were out of school. This has caused immeasurable disruption to the lives, learning
and wellbeing of children around the world.As school doors reopen in Karnataka, our tutorial Centre opened to students on a hybrid schedule and we are taking measures like hand
washing , physical distancing, mask wearing and temperature checks. Despite these time consuming methods there is a mood of celebration and relief among children, teachers and parents alike. The first day of tutorials is usually one filled with familiar faces, welcome-back hugs and healthy doses of laughter and cheer. All that will be subdued now. But we hope this is a temporary situation and normalcy will be restored soon. We are also hopeful that students would be able to participate in a full tutorial year, "including all the things that they missed out on last year".

At Sackhumvit we want to create a supportive and nurturing environment and respond positively to the circumstance we all find ourselves in. We are certain our acronym “RACE” will be effective: :
R-Respect — yourself and others.
A-Attitude — always have a positive one.
C-Cooperate — and always try to do your best.
E-Excellence — it's the key to success!
As we enter into the month of February it's back to normal, but it's not. There ‘s some apprehension because we don't know what lies ahead.” But there is a way that our large spotless rooms and ventilated building can combine technology and space management to strike an ideal balance between the virtual and real world.