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Celebrating Simran Taj (college student) Her success is about more than hard work

As we open our doors to college students it is time of the year to celebrate Simran Taj. She successfully completed high school and enrolled in college. As we read about the results, we take delight in her success story. Coming from a poor background, Simran lost her father in her 8th grade. After much counseling and cajoling, we managed to get her back to our Centre and slowly she settled down into a routine. In the 10th final exam, she scored multiple distinctions despite her government school education. This achievement should be celebrated as she is truly exceptional. As her picture shows she is excited to learn at our Centre once again and we are delighted to see her infectious enthusiasm. Understanding the complex relationship between social class and educational success requires that educators reconsider almost all aspects of their teaching. "It is possible that interest and engagement in high school help students progress on to college,” Everyone respects Simran. She deserves this status.