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Celebrating Student Success Has Never Been More Important!

We all have fond memories of our big classroom successes. These moments are etched into our memories forever. Sometimes, they even shape career paths and patterns. At Sackhumvit we believe that celebrations are more than just feel-good moments, the right ones can propel students forward on their educational journey. There was magic in the air at our 10 standard classroom in Sackhumvit Centre on 3rd September 2020. The neatly and carefully stacked slippers made the heart leap! An energetic crowd including teachers and mentors with a keen interest in education gathered to celebrate the success enjoyed by outstanding results scored by the students. After all the strife surrounding education over the past months and years, the energy, the enthusiasm and the sense of community that was palpable at the gala was a tonic to the spirit. The teachers lauded the effort of the students who had to face a variety of serious challenges. The celebrations ended sweetly with snack distribution, laughter and photography sessions