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Celebrating students success… Reap the Rewards of Hard Work!

We all work harder when we know we will be rewarded for our effort, that is just human nature, and students are no different. As teachers we want to build a lifelong love of learning and encourage students to do their best on every assignment. This is often accomplished by rewarding students for their hard work. There are many benefits and means of recognizing students for their best effort at school. When we appropriately do that, this enhanced work ethic can boost student's self-esteem and learning. The key is not to offer a prize for completing a simple or expected task. Rather, make sure the student has truly applied effort or exceeded the goal before providing a reasonable incentive for each. At Sackhumvit we sat in amazement at the commitment of the young students to high ideals, and heard examples of their ethical behavior, their persistence, discipline and their desire and drive to succeed. This alongside several obstacles they had overcome to get to where they are today. Yes, it was a hard day’s work. How do you rate them when all were so outstanding? We interviewed the students as a committee and then the rating sheet was completed by each of us individually and collectively by all staff members. The students reaffirmed our faith in their future and the celebrations and chatter continued for the next few days. Scholarship distribution is always a mega event in Sackhumvit Centre. Total number of scholarship distributed- 58