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Celebrations galore as students share in exam results excitement

There was jubilation all around as our students received their results for their 10th-grade final examinations. Students from 30 different schools were texting and calling to share this moment in the sun for them. Surely it is the most exciting day of the academic year, the day on which the heart beats fastest and wondering and worrying comes to an end.
After two years of uncertainty surrounding exams due to the pandemic, with results based on teacher- assessments due to exams being canceled, students have displayed exceptional resilience and determination in tackling what for some of them have been their first public examinations. We are delighted to share that many students have achieved results that will go a long way toward applications to a range of colleges, or onto their chosen career paths. Here are some of the names and marks. Umar Khan(surprise performance) scored 98% with Umar Fareeq getting 95%. Zoya, Sunaina Aimen, Muskan Fathima, Dhanush and Falak Mirza all in the 90%. Vaibhav, Mahesh, Arfath Khan, Sakshi, Hooriya, Shivani, and Syed Rayan were all in the high eighties. Others who scored 85% are Maqsood, Aliya, Deepika, Sheena, Shwini, Nor Ul Ain, Nasseba, Meheb Sultana, Yogesh, Ali, Ayesha Siqqiqa, and Taha.. 104 students took the exam from our Centre and all got over 70%. “I was afraid yet excited,” said Umar Khan who scored a whopping 98%. “This is great for me,” he said. Mahesh who scored a 100% in Science thanked the Trust for support and encouragement. “ I am so happy with the results, it is really hard to believe that I scored a 100 in science”, said a relaxed and casual Mahesh. “I am a bit disappointed”, said Shivani despite the 85%. “I should have got more”, she lamented. Chinmaya M R was ecstatic about his 88%. “I studied and played football”, said a happy M.R Chinmay. “It’s a great combo”, he smiled. Scores of excited, crestfallen, elated, downcast students compared notes! There was plenty of chattering and cheer. We were happy to sit back and watch the students celebrate their success and chalk out their future plans. Like our chairman says, “Job very well done”! There were lots of photo ops, the trustees joined in the student's enthusiasm. A delightful evening ending in snacks and sweets. We are basking in the glory of our students' performances. Our hallmark is our focus on academics before and during exams. Yet another success story scripted at Sackhumvit!