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Dear students

Life in lockdown can be a struggle. While many of you can remember our daily fun schedule at our tutorials — whether it was linking up with new classmates or chatting with us in our office or decorating our display boards or laughing with friends—your current peers are missing out on these crucial moments. Normal stressors are 10 times as heavy as they used to be, it’s therefore important to balance your studies with other activities to keep yourself motivated and look after your mental health. Remember to whatsapp us if you have any issues. Our Centre provides more than just academic coaching to the students. In addition to reading, writing and math, students learn social and emotional skills, joke, laugh, engage in extracurricular activities and have access to mental health and other support services. The faculty and staff work towards cultivating an environment that is friendly and conducive by setting high but not impossible, expectations for student learning outcomes. We show that we care about each and every child we come in contact with. We are excited with them! The month of May saw us work towards students welfare through online classes and ration distribution.