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Dear Students

Sometimes we trick ourselves into thinking we are being productive and fall into the same pit very often. So here are a few tips that will help you plan and reshape your productivity goals. It is not about feeling productive but actually being productive! Watch out for these common traps 1)Plan for things to take way longer than you think. Productivity actually ebbs and flows. There maybe weeks when you feel you are on top of everything but suddenly you may also fall behind, you find that you can’t keep up and feel less motivated. There are going to be unexpected events that may come up so you cannot plan 100 percent. Understand that things may take more time than you may realize. 2)Do not multitask but process similar tasks at the same time. Rapid task switching may make you feel productive but actually it is counter- productive. Multi-tasking and switching tasks may actually lead to much less being done. This approach splinters our attention and focus and you will lose valuable time. Also categorize your work so that you are not scattered by doing bits and pieces. 3)Don’t put off your most difficult tasks Conserve your energy. Do the tasks that are weighing on your mind first. Try to get those out of the way. This approach will make you feel that you have accomplished a good part of your learning process and the rest will be smooth. Check out this word procrastinate and whatsapp us the meaning in the group