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Diabetic camp

Sackhumvit Trust organized a free diabetes/hypertension related screening camp for underprivileged high-risk diabetes as well as non-insulin dependent patients at our CMNR Centre. Along with the blood tests, blood pressure, height and weight, abdominal circumference and BMI was recorded. Ramana designed an elaborate questionnaire to assess their risk for diabetes and plans to analyze the same for future courses. The Doctors also counseled and treated the patients accordingly. Dr. Priya internal medicine specialist conducted the camp with Nova Pharma who sponsored the initiative which was totally free of cost. On the eve of World Insulin Day Dr. Priya said,” We conducted a health camp to screen the underprivileged women and men of the urban slums of RT Nagar for diabetes. The turnout was laudable with over 70 patients in attendance. In addition to checking blood sugars, we also checked their Blood pressure, abdominal circumference and BMI. It was really heartening to see the enthusiasm and gratitude the women displayed. Due to Covid many had not visited a doctor in years and this camp was a chance for them to get healthy again”, said Dr. Priya, internal medicine specialist.
 Summary Diabetes Organization Support Training and Interaction): Beneficiaries: Type II diabetes [Noninsulin dependent] adults The highlights of this camp included • FREE Adult Diabetes Clinic • FREE Blood pressure check: Health for helpless • Health awareness and counseling • Health screening and treatment • Power of Prevention: Continued care • Psychosocial support • More follow up Community Diabetes Camps