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  The transition to online teaching has been partially, if not completely, challenging for faculty teaching in our Centre. Just that the speedy transition to online format has shifted our focus from student engagement and fostering the joy of learning together to “content delivery.” Sometimes we experienced a sense of rush and inadequacy as it is not easy to provide the same quality of teaching with poor Wi-Fi and constant re-arranging and re-adjusting the enabled devices. However, rise to the challenge we must ! Desperate times call for desperate measures. Online classes now appears to be an essential service. We need to be in touch with our students and make do with fewer options. This month the online classes had ‘’some fun quizzes in Math and Science and History. We were able to hear a few giggles and laughter as we played team games. At Sackhumvit as educators we have been trying new teaching strategies to keep the students on their toes and get them enthusiastic about learning. To their credit we are excited that many of them are show up to every single online class!