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Exam Preparations and Oral examination

In oral exams you can test the ability to explain things much easier than in a written exam. On the other hand, actual problem solving can be tested easier (and more efficiently) in written exams. In an oral exam you can watch the students thinking (given that you asked the right question), and this gives you the possibility to ask very difficult questions or even question where no answer is known - on the grounds of the approaches the student took Another pedagogic advantage is that there is immediate feedback for the student, not only during the exam, but also at the end. For a written exam students have to wait somewhere between hours and week to get a grade or even pass-or-fail, while for an oral exam the result is announced after a few minutes. Struggling students, in particular, appear to benefit from the oral examination format. The success of these students seems largely to derive from the increase in motivation as a result of personalized strategy instruction, an important component at Sackhumvit. To improve performance the month of December saw oral quizzing as our exam strategy