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Excitement for high school students returning to Sackhumvit Centre(Phase1 class 9 &10)

Senior high and middle school students who donned their uniform for the first time in two years today have described mixed emotions of excitement and rattled nerves. Most students who meet certain criteria can attend class in person from the month of November- although some schools have chosen to stay shut citing concerns about student safety. At the gates of our Centre this evening (7th November 2021) there were scenes of elation and celebrations among students entering their classrooms. They must wear a mask, stay socially distanced, and sanitize their hands on entry while attending two, two-and a half hour 'block lessons' from today. Class 9 student Sama Yasmin said school was preferable than sitting at home struggling to study for exams in mid-November. So school for now is alright but “coming to Sackhumvit Centre is the best thing for me”. she says with a thumbs up! "I've really lost motivation... it just doesn't put me in the right frame to attend classes”, laments Syed. But coming to Sackhumvit is the highlight of the year, he gleefully responds. 9th grader Aruna Jyoti said she didn't quite know what she was supposed to be studying. While she was nervous about returning to school she was really excited to come to the Centre and meet all her friends. “I love to come here everyday” she joyfully signs off! Sackhumvit Centre is a collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning! Relationships matter here!