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Founder of Sackhumvit Center

Khalid sir who works day and night for the students So that the students reach greater heights in the future. Sir is lighting up each and every students life to achieve their goals and Dreams. Learning may begin in the classroom, but it certainly doesn’t end there. Teachers set up the signs for the road ahead that is life itself. They inspire students to learn wherever life may take them. It is a place where a child can learn new things nd can reach greater heights . Teacher's are outstanding, well furnished facility, Centre provides students with snacks daily and counseling session to each every student. Though there was a lockdown , this Centre helped us a lot in our studies by which the results were remarkable.
Sackhumvit center also provides scholarships for each and every student studying there.
Thank you so much sir for providing us such a wonderful Centre ever seen in our life.
Lekhana Lekhana
Those who are studying in this Sackhumvit Trust they are lucky students, they
will get Brilliant knowledge and respect from all staff and financial help for studies. Beautiful work doing this Trust. good cause or a great thought to provide tuitions to the students who are
financially weak also financial support boosts our happiness of studying. Definitely Sackhumvit is the backbone of many students' dreams! Very supportive and educative staff. U rocking
Sackhumvit trust keep it going.
Mr Anime
Susheela jBest place for education and even general knowledge and for bright future for
children's and better than any other tutorials or school. And thanking Khalid sir for
great opportunities for children's and thanking staff's and teachers
Mohammed AyanThe bestest place for the children's education who hv big dreams and
may God bless you Khalid sir
Aftab HussainNice place for kids who have big dreams for future
Great team – great school!