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From up in the air to totally floored! Going beyond the curriculum

A school as a separate entity, preoccupied only with its goals of exams and studies can actually become stagnant and lacking in creativity and innovation. We can foster a dynamic vibrancy in ourselves only when we share our creative work with others and also constantly evolve and learn from other individuals and schools/organizations, including from our own new projects. Education for children is largely caught up in a mechanical paradigm. Factory schools, where uniforms and uniform learning happen are the norm; standardized testing with very few opportunities to unfold one’s unique gifts and strengths is depressing and an authoritarian system often instills fear and stress in children (and even parents).  

Our Response...Given that board exams have become an almost inevitable requirement in school education worldwide, how can we enliven the world of children and schools? We believe that if our intent is strong enough and if we go beyond a commercial orientation in a school, we can find ways to create vibrant spaces All of us may not have equal talent but all of us have equal opportunities to develop our talent” said Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. With this thought in mind, Talent’s Day was organized for our students, as our Centre is a good platform for the students to exhibit their hidden potential . The fun talents day gave our students an opportunity to showcase their talent and also appreciate the unique talent in others. It was an exhibition of creativity, artistic and cultural talents. The judges Rajini Ma’am, Kaveri Ma’am and Malini Ma’am had a hard time picking winners. This event affirmed the reality that most of our students are teeming with creative talent. They came, they spoke, they recited, they performed and they conquered! 13th October 2022 witnessed our champions divulge their talent for the most awaited events of this year and did complete justice to the hard work and practice by all the participants.