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Future Doctor Sanoubar

Sanoubar Class 8 can be described as frail, shy, self-conscious and timid . Good in academics but withdrawn from the rest of the class we spotted these traits early
in this young bright child. We got down on the child's level and made eye contact and more important time to listen carefully and respond specifically.
Sanoubar is a child of a single parent mother who was forced to re-marry because of financial issues. Her step father has regular income and daily living is a struggle. No regular food has made her weak and susceptible! But her big bright eyes tells a compelling story of
ambition and hope. Sanoubar wants to study medicine and she shared her little secret with the staff. We took the cue to create a healthy communication with her and her mother. We soon hope to see more social interactions by Sanouber and the Trust has ensured she has some nourishment too.