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Future Goals-2020

Learners should be shown the possibilities ahead, while teaching them to be self-driven and motivated, we at Sackhumvit aim at encouraging students to set milestones for all tasks. The goals may range from home or school activities to community actions among others. Goal-setting  helps students develop numerous abilities such as leadership skills, team building, team work, accountability, and overcoming challenges. They learn about deadlines and handling pressure which is a vital skill these days. So when asked about where they see themselves in the year 2040, we had them thinking about their future. This is what they had to say -Manoj wants to invent something, Suhaib would be an accountant, Ayan will be a surgeon operating on someone, Samma will be treating patients, Poojitha will be a doctor in the army. Further to this we wanted the students to think about entrepreneurship as well and asked them to pitch an idea to build an app or a new business startup idea.