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Girls spending more time on chores than lessons

A recent study conducted in Bengaluru has revealed that the pandemic has only accentuated the gender inequality. The discontinuity in education has widened the disparity and with wide spread increase in poverty girls are bearing the brunt of the current crisis . The overburden of unpaid household work begins in early childhood and intensifies as girls reach adolescence. With the closure of offices and educational institutions, and the emerging norm of work from home and online education, along with the lack of services of domestic worker, the need to perform unpaid chores in the household has increased. The domestic work including cleaning, cooking, laundry, child care, elderly care among others which were earlier performed by the domestic workers for income, are now performed by girls and in general the females of the household without any remuneration. While boys spent more time on leisure activities, they also spent more time on education compared to girls. “Girls sacrifice important opportunities to learn, grow and just enjoy their childhood," Unicef's Anju Malhotra said. At Sackhumvit, achieving and empowering refers to every aspect of education that aims at developing the skill and knowledge for girls and women to reach their full potential. Our enrolments show we have more girls than boys studying at our Centre. We encourage the participation, cooperation and motivation of the girl child and our women empowerment programs run all year long.