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Hamid feels lost in college!

The most common reason why students who pass out miss our Centre and their regular school is that they no longer have an excuse to spend most of their waking hours with their friends. Going to school allowed students to interact with their classmates and friends, indulge in extra curricular activities and chat around teachers and staff. Hamid dropped in to say hi and said he misses the Centre a lot. He says things were never the same once he joined college and the struggle and challenges can no longer be shared and discussed as everyone is busy managing their own issues. "Nothing is the same", and no one has the time " he said dejectedly. The staff and teachers cheered him up and Hamid said he would be back soon. If you are feeling low, down, stressed, depressed or any other mental health issues, reach out to us to help you speak with a counselor. Do this at the  earliest. Call our office at 08048515213