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Happy Birthday Khalid sir

At Sackhumvit Centre October 14th year after year is celebrated with great fun and gusto. Viji Maam and Khalid Sir visit the Centre and the children celebrate Khalid Sir’s birthday by planning an elaborate event and put up amazing performances and showcase a cultural extravaganza. This year the Centre was quiet but the spirit was clearly visible. Scores of cards were on display and students made posters and greeting cards and pinned them up all over the display boards, They also sent loads of messages and many phone calls to celebrate the occasion. We missed you Sir and your motivating message which you share with much affection and love. We look forward to seeing you soon. You are a great person who supports, encourages, motivates and sets the overall tone. We wish you an amazing birthday. May you encounter the most wonderful moments in life. Happy birthday, Khalid Sir. 

From all students and their families at Sackhumvit Centre