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Hello all Sumaiyya Parveen –Class 8

Good evening Khalid Sir, Viji Maam, and my dear friends. We are all so stressed these days, Exams, parents’ expectations, project completion uff!! Never-ending tension. Here is a compilation of my feelings, not just mine, my friends, my school children, and all the children of the world!!!!


Tension Tension Tension, That we can't mention,

So much to study, learn, write, Read, Recall and Revise to make our future bright,

In math equations, In physics reflections, In biology creations,

In chemistry reactions, We try to learn history, but it’s difficult to solve its mystery.

Try to learn Hindi & English But it is hard to nourish,

Economics & civics, Full of gimmicks.

We try to do our best But we forgot the rest,

No medicine for Heart & Liver, Because it is an Examination fever.

There is a way however Come to Sackhumvit Centre

And you will soon find out That exams, stress, and studies

Is a cakewalk because here They put you and everything in order!