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Hello Khalid sir, Md.Arif–Class 8

Looks like this is the season of poems and I also wanted to participate and share, So here is a poem about the little things that we can do to make the world a better place and make a big difference by doing our bit. So I stand before you to recite a poem on what you can do  

What you can do When you see litter in the streets And the air smells of pollution When you feel like it’s all piling up Remember there is a solution There’s something each of us can do To keep the rivers clean To keep fresh the air we breathe And keep the forests green Help clean a lane Or recycle bottles and cans Learn about the problems we face And help others understand It doesn’t have to be a lot If we each just do our share So take time out a few days To show the earth we care Thank you and together we can do little things to spread love and cheer