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Hunger, illness and poverty

One child struggling with hunger is one too many. But the heartbreaking reality is that today, nearly two years after the COVID-19 pandemic caused school closures and forced shutdowns, millions more children in India are struggling with hunger, illness, and poverty. Since March 2020, food insecurity rates across the nation for families with children have risen by nearly two-thirds. Statistics reports show that children go hungry and do not have enough food even for a single meal. Urban poor have been disproportionately impacted by the Pandemic. Multiple hardships, including hunger, illness, and poverty. Thereby adversely impacting children’s education. Simply put, going back to “normal” will not be enough for these kids. Hungry students are more likely to...
• Have less energy
• Be more easily distracted and less interested in schoolwork
• have lower scores
• repeat a grade
• Come to school late or miss school entirely.
At Sackhumvit we commenced snack distribution. The food we distribute is nutritious and many students take them home! Mostly biscuits, cookies, milk, bananas, and wholesome meals on special occasions. Currently, we are giving snacks to about 400 students on a daily basis.