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If the poor cannot come to education, education must go to them

The above quote aptly enforces our responsibility toward providing education for all. Poverty, changes the whole dynamics of living. Some get privileged and are able to access a better lifestyle while others are left scrambling for even basic survival. At Sackhumvit we strive to elevate poverty through education. We are grateful to Mr. Ramesh for extending support to Sama Yasmin, Daughter of a migrant laborer. Sama was very worried about her schooling as she had to return to her village near Kolkata for several months during lockdown. Her father is a small time embroidery worker and was unable to pay the rent and was forced to leave town. With no employment in the village he was compelled to return to Bengaluru with his family to look for work. Sama is a very intelligent and focused girl. She wants to grow up to be a neurosurgeon. She knows education is her best bet. Poojitha is also a recipient of such a scholarship. Her parents are very keen to see her into college. At Sackhumvit we have given many such scholarships and helped thousands of deserving candidates till now.