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Internship Training at Sackhumvit

Under our Internship Training program, we have entered into an arrangement with our Alumni to provide them with experiential knowledge in the form of office training. Our students are enjoying this exposure and gaining confidence prior to even finishing college. In the picture are Khazi, Nida, Farheen and Zahiya doing some serious work!
 Alumni corner Possible question at interviews and how to approach the answer.   
 Q&A: Who has inspired you in your life and why? During interviews this question is often asked to gauge your values and goals. Choose your answer carefully – but be honest and enthusiastic. Points to emphasize when answering this question: Choose someone who truly inspired you. Steer away from extremely famous historical figures, celebrities or inappropriate individuals. Discuss a figure that is appropriate for the position you are seeking. Provide specific examples of how this person inspired you. Don’t tell a long story, but provide context about your own personal characteristics that led you to admire this person.