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Interview with Saqlain –A class 10 student

What makes a student stand out from rest of the class? The four A’s which is Attitude, Academics skills, Awareness and Accomplishments. Basically good students are role models for good choices. Saqlain is hard working and motivated. He wants to study well and succeed. He has been coming to the Centre for the past three years and values the opportunity given here. His father is employed as a security guard and his mother works as a house maid. He has a little brother and a sister. Saqlain says that during the Covid lockdown period both his parents were out of jobs and they could barely make ends meet. The ration distributed at the Centre was of great help to his family. School fees was a big hurdle as well and he says that Sackhumvit trusts’, timely support ensured that his education was not disrupted. He finds the online classes difficult to cope with but is trying hard to keep up with the syllabus. He truly wishes that the Centre opens soon as he misses all the fun activities and the workshops here. In his own words "It is here that I learnt that I should work hard towards my goal and never give up. Everybody here is very encouraging.” We are very certain that Saqlain is likely to earn A’s in all his subjects.