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Interview with two best friends

Saba Tasmiya -Saba Tasmiya's father is an auto driver and her mother is a housewife. Saba enrolled with us and was a restless and distracted child. She was unable to do simple tasks. Her concentration was poor. We put her as a part of a special study circle group to address these issues. Fast forward, she now enjoys all activities at the Centre. She loves Sackhumvit and she appreciates herself so much more. She is very proud of her English speaking skills that she picked up from the Centre. She has grown into a confident young girl and is extremely grateful that she got a scholarship, she also insisted on featuring in our documentary and
was thrilled to speak in English.
Ayeshia Farheen – Ayeshia’s father is a car driver and his mother is a housewife. Ayeshia says life during the pandemic was very difficult, the scholarship given at the Centre was very helpful. Ayeshia loves all the public speaking classes done here and enjoys taking part in talent shows with her best friend Saba Tasmiya in tow.