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Introducing comprehensive computer training for Class 7,8 and 9

In urban-rural schools, technology has struggled to find its way into the classroom. Research has shown that students benefit from Computer Science education by increasing college enrollment rates and developing problem-solving abilities. It is also seen that lessons in computational thinking improve student response, planning, and coding skills. Using computers gets students to become more focused on their work, in collaborative projects with other students, and on their own. At Sackhumvit we encourage students to develop their creativity and entrepreneurial skills to become innovative and critical designers of the future. Students are always excited about these classes. Our syllabus for computer education is comprehensive. Hands-on, the students are exposed to skills related to basic knowledge and new tech tools as well. Teachers at our center are making use of computer technology to engage their students through PowerPoint presentations with rich multimedia such as graphics, videos, and animations appealing to the visual learners! All of this equates to an increase in motivation and interest that drive students to want to learn more. We believe students
who learn to use the devices from an early age are at a marked personal and professional advantage. All students immensely enjoy these sessions.