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Krisha Speech

Hello Sir, Ma'am, and my dear friends. My name is Krisha and I am studying my 2nd year in computer applications. Sir, Ma'am and friends, as kids we all have played the snakes and ladder game. I think I have a board right here! I want to bring in the significance of the game and its relevance today to make us more powerful, a strategy that we can us to make us internally strong and focused. So, in order to be this way we need to be aware of snakes and ladders. We all have things to do, places to go, decisions to make almost on daily places so it’s important to understand what is a snake and what is a ladder. So then whatever increases our power and well-being are ladders and whatever saps our energy and pulls us down are snakes and serpents. For example watching too much YouTube or mobile or even social media will fall into the snake category as it is mentally and physically draining eventually while going for a walk, a fun chat with a friend or every doing the course work that you have been postponing would be a ladder. It would definitely increase our power. So beware friends, somethings are hugely tempting but not satisfying and they are all snakes waiting to pull us down. They waste your time energy and attention. So while it's not always possible to not do certain things, we need to find a balance and at least make sure we climb more ladders then get bitten by snakes. It's been a tremendous head start with a huge ladder we have already climbed and Sackhumvit so let’s just keep the momentum going. Happy Birthday Sir. Thank you. We all are deeply grateful to you. Sir in keeping with my talk, Sir we would like to hear from you, on your road to success. What types of snakes did you encounter?