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Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other

Sackhumvit Trust is an integrated, multi-disciplinary institution providing free-thinking and liberal playing field to students and staff. We promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and inspire our students to make big strides in learning and exploring creative ideas! The month of March 2022 was very special. The best things in life happen unexpectedly! Thank you Khalid Sir and Viji Ma'am for visiting the Centre and inspiring us to work harder and to think big. Your visit to the Centre has left us pleasantly surprised and has boosted the morale of all the students especially during the exam season. We are confident that the Trustees would have found that there is a real sense of engagement in our work and students are enjoying their sessions at our CMNR Centre. This arises from them feeling that they are being motivated, stretched, valued and supported by the high standards we expect of them. We provide numerous opportunities to our pupils, both within and outside the curriculum and we are totally committed to ensuring our students achieve their full potential no matter what their abilities, aptitudes and strengths are. Our guiding principle is for every student to succeed and we believe that success is achieved through hard work and wanting nothing less than the best. All of this was visible in a variety of talent displayed in the form of speeches explaining amazing facts about the human body, difference between mass and weight, variety experiments, videos and most importantly students eloquently presenting uncommon/unusual facts and concepts that bowled the trustees over! A magnificent show was put up in every class! Congratulations to all the students. Well done boys and girls!