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Let’s all “BE NICE!”

When kindness and caring isn’t modeled, we find ourselves in an environment that is unhealthy. More so in our fields of social work. Hard skills can be replaced with automation and smart technology but what will make the difference is genuinely reaching out and connecting person to person with soft skills. At Sackhumvit we find this mantra magical. The happy cheerful faces and echoes of laughter of students and women whose smile reaches their eyes tell us the story. Here are some ways we found “being nice” can bring more success at work. We at Sackhumvit want to encourage a culture of being nice to others by carrying out random acts of kindness during the day. 1. Be considerate: Even a small act of picking up your friend’s dropped pencil or asking her if she would like some water can connect and spread warmth. 2. Smile at a friend. When you make eye contact and smile at someone you are showing that they matter which gives them a boost of happiness. Try it today students!! 3. Mind your manners. Say "Good morning" or "Hello" more often. Make friends and people around feel special. 4. Show appreciation: Be more vocal in your praise. Acknowledge the contribution and efforts of others. Congratulate your friend on scoring high marks or for doing well in any feat. Tell him/her it’s a remarkable effort. Then watch the connection!! 5. Listen more. Learn to listen with the intent to understand. Don't just dismiss or ridicule others' viewpoints. Listening shows that you care. Try it today! 6. Offer support and help to team members who are struggling. 7. Treat everyone with the same level of respect. Did you know students being nice and kind to others is good for your health too! Let us all follow these easy, simple yet so effective acts and make a difference in our lives and all those we connect with! “Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” – Scott Adams