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Let's Kickoff the New year right! “New Year, New You”

We had a fun interactive activity moderated by Shruthi, our volunteer to welcome the new year. The students were asked to make a fun list of ideas and challenges to try throughout the year. The pandemic seems to have taken a toll on their minds. They all said they were concerned and
worried for their family and friends and almost all wanted to just help!!! Whatever way you slice it, let us together make 2022 a year we can look back upon and smile. The teachers focus...set
intentions not resolutions!!! Below are some of the responses from our students!
1. Aiman Siddiqa- I want to help my friends and share food with them when they have not got any.
2. Nida Kulsum- I would help someone in need. I want to help my friends
3. Mohammad Irfan- I want to be able to help and support my father
4. Hadiya Noor – I want to share my notes with my friends 
5. Subhan Bareed- I want to start helping my friends and family
6. Afreen Taj- I want to help my friend when she is unwell with her homework
7. Mohammad Imdad- I want to help my parents, animals, and my trusted friends
8. Mohammad Yusuf – I want to be able to help my brother in his studies.
9. Umar- I would like to help my friend when he is in trouble
10. Shaik Arie – I would like to help a friend in trouble. I want to share food with my friends and help my mother as she is very kind.