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Life and livelihood

Empowerment encompasses many spheres of women’s lives, however, at Sackhumvit Trust we focus on the economic domain of women’s livelihoods. This is because the evidence shows that many of the deprivations and deficits that women experience as adults could have been averted had there been greater investment in their economic capabilities earlier in life. Three of the common traits of successful skills interventions include demand-driven, market-centric, and consideration of the entrepreneur to leverage the strength and address specific constraints. We are making good progress in our Centers in Bengaluru. Despite the covid constraints, orders are coming inconsistently. Women are reasonably busy meeting deadlines of wedding and festival requirements. Meanwhile, at Sackhumvit we have more and more girls enrolling in our education programs. This is long-term will ensure economic and emotional independence allowing them to be better at making life choices. Providing business skills training is a basic step toward empowering women entrepreneurs, but to truly achieve transformative change, training programs need to address deeper psychological and social constraints facing women.