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Md. Aleemullah navigates through financial constraints.

The impact of poverty on the lives of children and their families is devastating, long-lasting, and generational. About 20% of the world’s children live in extreme poverty (UNICEF, 2017)  Children are often viewed as the greatest victims because they enter poverty by virtue of their family’s financial situation which they are powerless to alter. At Sackhumvit a few exceptional students have focused on academic resilience despite being economically disadvantaged. Recipient of the Sackhumvit Trust scholarship Aleemullah belongs to a large 9 member family. Determined to break the cycle of poverty he strived and work extremely hard through school to enter the field of computer science and scored a whopping 96.6%. Currently working on a code for hospital management systems he hopes to create a modern and user-friendly application that the hospitals will buy from him. Way to go Aleem! We are so proud of your hard work and achievements!