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Meet Arshiya

 Have you ever wondered where some of your decorated handcrafted handbags came from? Or maybe the colorful tea-light holder on your desk? Many of these carefully handcrafted items are made by women from rural communities across India. Lately, many NGOs have found new and interesting methods of empowering these women and providing them with means to sustain a livelihood. These self-help foundations train women in diverse fields, such as embroidery, handicrafts, recycled paper products and accessories. Many of these women are either out of work, or work in low paid professions traditionally assigned to women like domestic help. Multi-talented Arshiya cannot be put in a box on a shelf. During the lockdown, she juggled many jobs like baby sitting, embroidery and house cleaning. Arshiya defined her own ambition and success story. She trained at Sackhumvit Centre and in her own words ”I am just too busy with orders”. We are delighted to share her story loud and proud. We are hoping this initiative will spread organically.