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Meet Nida Kousar

When she was 8 her mother gave birth to a spastic baby. Stricken with poverty and a family of 3 girls in a highly disadvantaged society she was mostly engaged in taking care of her younger siblings. Her schooling was mediocre.
At each stage of their educational lives, students growing up in low-income communities fall behind their peers. They participate in early learning at far lower rates enter school less ready and are more likely to drop out. This hurts young people, their families, and their communities, But the resilient Nida showed exceptional grit. She persevered with her schooling and did not miss a single day of Sackhumvit tutorials. She participated and mastered every single activity at the Centre. Her English improved, her grades went up and from a shy and timid girl emerged a whirlwind of talent. She hosted the entire annual cultural festival at our center and received a standing ovation. Meet Nida Kousar all of 15. Wants to be a college professor. Nida is an active participant in all our women empowerment projects.