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Meet Sufiyan

Father is a Dry Cleaner and mother is a housewife. Sufiyan has an elder sister studying in Class 10 .Sufiyan is enthusiastic and full of mischief. He is curious and alert in class with a good sense of humor. He loves the experiments and enjoys information on current affairs. He told us he loves coming to Sackhumvit Centre. He wants to work hard and become a business Tycoon like Khalid Sir .He wants to earn in Lakhs and take care of his family. In every respect a big thumbs up for him!

The curious case of the onion peel What did 7th graders do this week? They examined an onion peel. And what did they see! Large, rectangular interlocking cells and observe visible cell wall, nucleus, large vacuoles, and some granules. Lots of excitement, squeals and noise in this session!