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My experience at Sackhumvit Trust

My mother and I visited Sackhumvit Trust last Saturday afternoon excited to meet the children and learn more about them. We were super impressed with the positive attitude of the parents who had arrived there to enroll their children. Their attitude towards education was admirable as each of them nodded in agreement as Rajini ma'am and the other teachers stressed on the importance of attending classes everyday. I spoke to the children for around three hours during the workshop about various career opportunities in the arts and commerce fields, and my experience was wonderful! There were many children from all walks of life but one thing was common among them, their hunger to learn. When I asked some of them what they dream to become when they get older I was expecting to hear many 'doctors' and 'engineers'. To my surprise many students said they aspire to become a collector, an architect, a businessman, etc. Although each of these children come from backgrounds that may or may not stress on the importance of getting a good education, they all are incredibly motivated and determined to achieve their dreams and Sackhumvit is doing a brilliant job with helping them!