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Navigating education in a time of uncertainty The E-learning edge….Class 10 exams scheduled for the third week of july.

It is said that “Success typically goes to the individual who is too occupied to ever be 
searching for it”, so dear students, it is vital to have a non-stop improvement plan else you will be lagging behind your peers. The classic saying “By not preparing one is preparing to fail”!! Exam or no exam!
Our lives are dominated by technology. However one size doesn’t fit all. The main disadvantage of e-learning is that it doesn’t appeal to all learning styles. While some might appreciate the freedom and flexibility that e-learning provides, we prefer the traditional classroom method and meet our students face to face at our tutorials. Currently e-learning is our only option. We at Sackhumvit are constantly improvising to devise a system that is interactive and personalised and more importantly stay connected with the students. Our online classes offer higher information standards which are beneficial to students along with multi dimensional approaches that will result in long term value. The month of May saw us seriously engage students with their course work and also lighten the atmosphere posting fun quizzes and brain teasers! From now and until the completion of the 10th examination our focus will be totally exam oriented.