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Navya –Class 9 Respected Khalid Sir

Viji Ma’am and dear friends. I am here to share and address an issue which affects us as students deeply.   

 We as growing adults need to pay close attention to this very dangerous problem and not take it lightly or chose to ignore it. I am talking about the problem of fake news. So what exactly is fake news? Fake News is news that is not true and intentionally misinforms the readers. Sometimes fake news creates panic among the readers too. Stories are also made for different and wrong purposes. Fake News or stories influence people’s views, push different political agendas, and sometimes confuse the readers. This can often be a profitable business for people who publish articles online or circulate morphed videos. In today’s world, fake news has become a serious threat to many people. Fake News can be any news, story, or hoax that misinform people or deceive the readers. Nowadays, many people have understood that whatever is shared may not be true to some extent. But still, there are a huge number of people in India who have no clue about fake news. So, we must educate ourselves first and readily believe and quickly circulate what we get. Remember and think deeply on this issue friends. It's a threat and harmful way to create disturbance. Thank you