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New and different

For decades, educators have been trying new teaching strategies to keep their students on their toes and get them excited about learning. Although some strategies are experimental, a few of them have been found to be quite effective. At Sackhumvit we have some teacher-tested ways to keep our class interesting to see that the students stay engaged all the time. Our main focus has always been adopting student friendly methodologies so that they can absorb and retain the information that we present. We bring a little fun and mystery to our lessons, hardly any classroom material is repeated, classroom games and thinking outside the box gives ample opportunities for students to respond positively. Lesson plans can take a different route by planning completely out of the ordinary. That’s what we do at Sackhumvit. Not just that! We invite guest speakers, play a motivational video, or take learning into discussions and group activities. When you try something new and different, there's a good chance that your students will respond positively. Learning that engages students is the most effective. The month of August saw plenty of such interactive activities.